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My wife, Nicki, and I came up with the name Grassroots for a Southern-themed restaurant idea we had in Sandpoint, Idaho. The restaurant never happened, but a few years later, we did open up Riverside Wine and Spirits in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Riverside quickly became the place for wine in Chattanooga, and after we sold our half to our partner in 2003, Nicki and I used our wine connections from the store to start Grassroots Wholesale and Imports in Birmingham, Alabama. A year later we opened another branch in South Carolina.

As it happens, Grassroots is a great name for our wine company and embodies a lot of what we do. By and large, our portfolio is filled with farmer-produced wine, from our most expensive Grower Champagnes to our everyday house wines. If our wines are not estate produced, they are usually made by a former farmer or vineyard manager. Our bumper sticker motto is: “Farms, not Factories” or “Tractors, not Tankers”

Our portfolio is filled with small, family-owned producers that over-deliver in value at every price point. Likewise, most of our customers are small, family-owned restaurants and stores who appreciate the value of supporting locally owned businesses and want to bring their customers the highest quality wines available.

Today, the Grassroots family employs more than 30 people in Alabama and South Carolina. We happily support more than 30 charitable events in our states. We are extremely proud of our people, our products, and our communities.

The Short Story

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