Grassroots celebrates that wine is made for pleasure.

Grassroots delivers expertise without pretention.

Grassroots is powered by personal, remarkable customer service.

Grassroots develops relevant, delicious, and profitable wine programs.

Grassroots strengthens the communities where our wine is made and enjoyed.

About Us

We’re forever drawn to wine’s innate sense of community – both the way it’s produced and the way it’s enjoyed. This has shaped the Grassroots philosophy since our founding – we believe it’s our role is to build a bridge between outstanding, adventurous wine producers and the thoughtful, discerning wine drinkers in our markets.





What Harry’s Drinking

Looking for personal, seasonal recommendations from Harry and the staff? See what’s new or interesting, what to pair it with, and why it should be the star of your next dinner party or porch gathering.

From farms, not factories, since 2003

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