Winemaker Highlight: Angelo Negro

Since 1670, family and wine have been the solid foundation that the Angelo Negro group has built upon.  With the help of an ancient land register pulled from the archives of the municipality of Monteu Roero, the Negro family is able to trace their family ties to the vineyards they cultivate today.  At the core […]

Tyler Wines: New Vineyard Designate Wines

“Confidence, focus, and vibrancy” are the three defining words for these new vineyard designate Tyler wines.  Since 2005, Justin Willett has been crafting exceptional wines that express the virtues of their terroir; marine soils, a long mild growing season, and a cool ocean influence.  Pulling inspiration from noteable European producers such as Roulot, Bonneau du […]

Man holding Ercole wine

The Piedmont Guy: Ercole Collection

The Ercole collection from The Piedmont Guy pays tribute to the unsung heroes of Italy, the grape growers.  Each fall the grape growers of the Monferrato region cultivate bright, juicy fruit giving this collection the ability to translate the time and place of the region.  Ercole, meaning “Hercules” in English, includes Barbera Del Monferrato, Piemonte […]

The Californian Legend: Larkmead

This Californian legend is back in stock and better than ever.  Winemaker Dan Petroski calls the Larkmead vineyard a “’snapshot” of the entire Napa Valley” with its diverse Estate soil profile.  “I’m fortunate to work with this legacy [at Larkmead], a winery that Andre Tchelistcheff called one of Napa’s big four,” he says, “so I’m […]

5 Summertime Pet Nats

Meet the young, hip cousin to Champagne, the Pet Nat.  Crown capped halfway through fermentation, the Pet Nat bubbles come from the natural process of fermentation within the bottle.  These 5 Pet Nats from our collection will set you up for the summer season.  Light enough to sip daily, but complex enough to leave you […]

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