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Behind every great company is a team of unique and talented individuals and we’d like to introduce you to ours. Every week, we’ll be posting some fun tidbits about a member of a staff to help you become better acquainted with the Grassroots Wine team. This week we chose Kate Herron Griffin, our Charleston and Kiawah Sales Representative.

What is your role at Grassroots Wine? 
Sales Rep Downtown and Kiawah
Where are you from?
I essentially grew up in Charleston. My family is from Northern Ireland and we moved here when I was young, with a few stops in between. Since then I have lived all over the East Coast but I always ended up back in Charleston, its a hard place to beat.
What is your professional background? 
Oi vey, I have dabbled in a lot! I studied Poli Sci and Anthropology, after college I did legal research for several years for death penalty cases, I worked for a Emmanuel College in Boston as the Student Affairs Coordinator, did tours in Italy… but through it all I have always been connected to the F& B world. I always loved the mix of people and energy and of course the food and wine:)
What is your favorite part of working at Grassroots? Wine brings people together, be it co workers or neighbors in the community. There is such a great philosophy behind the company and the wines and I am proud to work with and represent Grassroots.
What are you currently drinking? It has been so steamy of late in Charleston that I have really been enjoying exploring the wide world of rieslings we offer. The Diel Fienherb is so delicious, the Bernejos rosado is always a fun one and of course, I live for Champagne!
What do you do in your spare time? I have been trying to disconnect more… its hard in this business to not check your phone or your email or just check on one product right now. I love heading to the beach in the evenings and just being outdoors.
What are three traits you would use to describe yourself? Loyal, outgoing and adventurous.
If you were a type of wine, what would you be? 
mmmmm Chenin Blanc?  I love that it can express it self so differently depending on where its from and the winemakers style.


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