Printemps Arrival


Grassroots is pumped up to announce the arrival of Rosé de Printemps 2016, literally: Rosé of Spring.  What started as a conversation over a platter of oysters at Leon’s has turned into our most exciting wine project. 

It started in the summer, of course. We were sharing oysters with friends and talking about our love of crisp, light, bright rosé when we began talking about our favorite wines and their growing regions.

Provence is legendarily, indisputably, absurdly beautiful. But as wine lovers, we knew that drinking wine from Provence wasn’t always a sure bet when it came to consistent quality.

So after another glass (or three) of wine, we decided to get to work.

We flew to Carcés, the coolest (meaning coldest) area in Provence, and met with an established, oh-so-soulful cooperative of farmers. Our Vigneron group of over 100 winegrowers was founded more than a century ago and is made up of conscientious growers who care about their grapes as much as they care about the environment that makes their strong yet delicate growth possible.

Their growing practices complement the climate, strengthen soil, create lush habitats for birds and bees, and bring a je ne se quoi to Rosé de Printemps…Summer Will Follow!

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